Energy, Natural Resources and Environment

Our wealth of experience in the various fields of power, oil & gas and environment puts us at a vantage position to provide exceptional advisory services to our clients. This is demonstrated by the value add we bring to their operations within the complex energy industry in Nigeria and other regions in Africa.

Our deep knowledge of the legal and regulatory landscape for business operations in the fields of power, oil & gas and the environment distinguishes us as advisers to clients, particularly new entrants into the energy sector. Our expertise in these sectors include advising governments on their standard industry agreements, structuring power purchase agreements, advising on the acquisition and divestment of interests in oil fields, advising on environmental compliance, and managing host community relations, etc. We also continue to provide transaction advisory services to power project developers.

We pride ourselves as pioneers in the energy sector. In the Nigerian power sector, we advised one of the core investors in the acquisition of an Electricity Distribution Company during the power privatization process. We also guided the first indigenous oil company in a West African country on the acquisition of majority interests in an oil bloc and continue to act as its  external solicitors. We believe that balancing clients’ interests and mitigating risks is vital to the success of business operations in the energy sector.

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